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The Praelude 20/20 vision is about as simple a vision as there is. Simply stated the vision is: “to create a simple , yet elegant tool that will yield a harvest of pray-ers and investors in the on-going work of the Kingdom of God.”

The Mission: To honor our King by mobilizing 5 million prayer partners who will commit to praying inside a 20 minute window once a week and invest at least $20 per month in the ministry that they are praying for, and to accomplish this within the next 5 years.

Priority Objectives:

To develop a simple software tool that will assist Ministry Associates in Missions/Ministries/Churches in mobilizing and managing 24/7 prayer initiatives and ministry partnership investors. Complete by June 1, 2013

To mobilize 1000 Missions/Ministries/Churches to use the Praelude 20/20 tool.

To equip 25,000 Ministry Associates over the next 5 years; assisting them in mobilizing a minimum of 200 Prayer Partners each.

To continue to improve the Praelude 20/20 tool each year by adding features that will directly lead us to our goals.

This is the Praelude 20/20 vision: come change the world with us….. one prayer at a time!

I would like to share that being a part of Praelude 20/20Prayer Initiative is a very rewarding experience. One, it makes me keep my allotted time saved for praying especially for David and Sandy. Two, it gives me specific requests for which to pray. And, three, it gives me answers to prayers as soon as possible. Actually, it helps me keep David and Sandy in my thoughts and prayers more than just my "special" time. Try it! You'll like it!

"Praelude 20/20 has provided me with regular prayer fuel for David and Sandy. I feel more connected to how God is using them to reached the unreached with the Gospel. Its a regular reminder for me to pray for them and also to hear of answers to prayer. Its a wonderful way to stay connected and also participate in Gods work. "

"Praelude 20/20 Prayer Initiative has kept me focused and encouraged as a praying partner. Each week I receive updates on the issues my partners DW & SW have asked me to focus on. And I get a prompt reminding me that my time slot for the week is coming up. Now I am praying with real-time information. Each week my partners in the field also inform me of God's answers they are seeing from my previous times in prayer. God receives the Glory! Historically, we did the best we could with "God bless all the missionaries out there and whatever they are doing." Unfortunately, my blanket prayers never inspired me to thank Him for personalized details which I never knew to pray for. Remain faithful with your blanket prayers if that is all you are capable of...but imagine how encouraging it has been for the field to KNOW what time I have committed to praying and how encouraging it has been for me to KNOW and now celebrate as God provides. Linus, let go of the blanket. Go to.. http://www.praelude2020.com"

"Praelude 20/20 Prayer Initiative is a bold call for Christians to pray and support those outside of our personal ministry.

I love being reminded to pray each week! Praelude is not a "general" request to pray for a person engaged in ministry. Praelude reminds me each week to pray at the specific time that I chose for the specific requests of my Praelude partner.

AND each week, I also get a detailed update of what is happening to those prayer requests. Technology can be used for so many things. At Praelude, technology enables prayer to be an around the clock support for those trying to follow God's call.

I am encouraging others to use it as a ministry tool. What a great way to support someone serving God! Great job, Praelude!"

"My wife and I have been a part of the Praelude prayer initiative for a while now. There are a couple of practical reasons that we like it. First, it reminds us in two different ways when our prayer time is coming up, sending us updated prayer requests by text and email. Second, it keeps us consistent in our commitment to pray. But the most compelling reason we have joined and continue in this initiative is that it allows us to unite with other believers in covering the Weston's in continuous prayer. In this way we support and, in a small way, partake of the joy of their ministry throughout Europe. They are reaching out in obedience as Christ brings other sheep into His fold, and we are excited that we can partner with them through prayer. "

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